Regional Culture

Lauterbourg is a region of France with a distinctive local identity.
It has a rich heritage and the site of many happy and tragic events. It even has its own dialect. It is an area filled with art and culture inspired by the Alsatian people and their artistry.

The architecture dates primarily to the Renaissance and classical periods and it also has a fair amount of military architecture and is the site of military events, particularly from WW II. Numerous churches dot the skyline for tourists to visit and look into.

A Lauterbourg vacation can extend into Alsace where there is more than 250 museums and collections to pour through, helping visitors understand the culture and heritage of the area.

For example, the Unterlinden museum in Colmar features a famous Isenheim altarpiece, a masterpiece in the field of religious art. In nearby Mulhouse, classic car enthusiasts can see a classic car museum, including the famous Schlumpf collection.

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